de Jong DUKE - Nio press release - coffee made easy ... with the 2014 coffee service revolution

Nio press release - coffee made easy ... with the 2014 coffee service revolution

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Sliedrecht / Milano, 18 October 2013

Quality drinks from a machine with great capacities and useful features in an easy to use and proud yet stylish design. The Nio from de Jong DUKE confirms what you expect; a surprising coffee experience from a professional and distinguished looking machine.

A very useful feature of the Nio is that it can be cleaned and utilized without having to open the machine. Filling, cleaning and the removal of used grounds can be done from the outside of the machine. This keyless cleaning & operation feature also dubbed as closed-door-cleaning will make taking care of the machine an easy task while keeping your hands clean.

The ingeniously placed full colour led lights allows you to tune the machine to its environment and also assist in the operation of the machine. A misplaced canister or a full waste bucket will be shown with subtle visual indicators. The visible ingredients not only adds to the experience when enjoying your drink but also allow for easy filling.

With its compact dimensions, CoEx®-brewer and a 10.4” high resolution full colour touch screen and comprehensive versatility featuring f.e. milktopping and/or fresh milk versions the Nio is easy to set up for both self serve and full serve mode. This combined with a possible daily throughput of 150 plus drinks make the Nio a perfect fit for many office locations or foodservice applications. Options like a waste guide, drain connection and automatic cleaning make the machine ideal for any mid size volume location where a high quality beverage should be combined with a easy and hassle free operation.

Customization is possible through adjustments of the menu’s, selections, icons and cup sizes. Further fine tuning can be done though the use of images and communications in the standby mode and preparation of the beverages. With additional software and LAN or Wifi connection, the machine can be brought on-line for either communication purposes or for remote access and advanced monitoring. The Connect.Me® software can also enable you to optimize service, reduce cost and improve the users experience.

The software module Connect.Me® and many other options are available by choice. That means you can apply Nio from very basic to advanced environments, yet not pay for features or developments you don’t use. The recommended retail price range starts at €4.400 and remains below € 7.000 for a very complete set up with double beans, double soluble canisters and a 4 liter fridge for fresh milk.

The Nio is currently displayed at the Host exhibition in Milan, Italy and will be taken into production during the first quarter of next year.

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Nio characteristics

  • Capacity : 150+ drinks per day
  • Machine dimensions :
      H x W x D
    Nio  59,9 x 46,0 x 54,0 cm  23,6 x 18,1 x 21,3 inch 
    Nio Fresh Milk 59,9 x 75,0 x 54,0 cm 23,6 x 29,5 x 21,3 inch
  • Weight 35 kg or 77.2 lbs
  • CoEx®-brewer with 1 or 2 whole bean grinders
  • Up to total 5 canisters including options of chocolate and milktopping
  • Fresh Milk from external 4 liter fridge.
  • Main water connected, water filter recommended
  • 4 pre-set configurations with option of over 200 possible configurations
  • External USB connection for upload or download of software and images
  • 10,4” high resolution full colour touch screen
  • Cup detections and accessories in payment systems, base cabinets, and so on
  • Modular build up: from canisters to software and fresh milk to Connect.Me®
  • Energy efficient (ECPL: 101,6)
  • 85% or more recyclability (depending on model)
  • Various Connect.Me® options with external LAN connection or Wifi options